Write a Report on Acid Throwing

Write a Report on Acid Throwing, a social crime.

Syful, Staff reporter, Chittagong; 28 March 2018: Acid Throwing is a social crime which in increasing day by day at a threatening rate. Women are mostly victims of it. Generally a young man throws acid, at a young girl when she refuses to love him. Or it may happen when a dowry hunter husband throws acid on his wife. Acid burns the part of the body where it gets and gives the victim an indescribable feeling of pain and anguish. It takes a long time to recover. The place of the body may become defective forever. Though the victim, however, recovers from physical pain, the painful experience can never be forgotten. Recently such a terrible accident has occurred in our locality. A boy of 20, working in a garment factory, has thrown acid on the face of a girl being refused again and again of his love proposal. The girl was only 14 years old and a student of class eight. She refused to love the boy because of his chain-smoking habit. However, the acid burned her face, neck, and part of her body. The girl has been taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Police are looking for the boy as he has been hiding since then. These such terrible accidents are occurring everywhere in Bangladesh. The government has taken some steps to prevent such an inhuman act. We should co-operate with the government to remove the crime of acid throwing from society.

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