Now write a paragraph on Fishing

Now write a paragraph on Fishing.

Generally fishing means catching fishes from seas, rivers, canals, or ponds. It is very interesting but challenging as a career. Especially fishing in the sea is very interesting and full of risk. Those who earn their livelihood by fishing is called fishermen. They are very active and hard-working persons. They work day and night equally. The sun heating and rain cannot stop their works. Some of them go too deep seas for fishing without any radio set or motorboat. They cannot listen to the weather warning and their families become very anxious for their safe returning. Nowadays fishing and the cultivation of fish is the kind of hobbies of the young generation. They should be work in groups to make comfortable their works. Making boat and net, painting the boat, feeding the fishes, changing water, etc. are the works of fishing as a hobby. They should go to a river or deep sea for fishing by taking motorboat and a radio set with them. Nowadays fishing has become a very lucrative way of self-employment and many young men and women getting themselves trained in the pisciculture to get rid of the cause of employment.

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