Now write a paragraph on Computer

paragraph on Computer
paragraph on Computer

Now write a paragraph on Computer.

Computer is one of the greatest advances in today’s modern technology. Science and technology have made our life easy and comfortable. A computer is a substitute for the human brain. The modern computer was invented by the American Scientist Howard Akin in 1937. Computers perform different functions. It is capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. In a few minutes, a computer can perform calculations that trained mathematicians would need years to complete. It can put thousands of unrelated facts in order. The fastest computers can handle millions of problems in a few seconds. It can perform many operations at a time and at the same time without any confusion. Nowadays computer has become very sophisticated and it can be put to various uses. It is already used in industries and in universities. It can run a business, play chess or even compose music. It provides information on the best way to prevent a traffic jam. It can diagnose the disease accurately. Worldwide money transfer and transaction of business have now become a matter of clicking the mouse of a computer. It has now become an essential part of modern life. It has greatly benefited us and brought about revolutionary changes in our life. Without a computer, modern life cannot be imagined.
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