Now write a paragraph on Traffic Congestion

Now write a paragraph on Traffic Congestion.

Traffic congestion is a common incident in our towns and cities, particularly in the Dhaka city. Bangladesh has a lot of population and it is increasing day by day. As a result the road becomes narrow rapidly. So, almost everyday traffic congestion occurs in the Megacity Dhaka. It happens when different vehicles want to move ahead of each other. The street conditions and the tendency to violate the traffic rules are the other seasons of traffic congestion. We feel much helpless and frustrated when we get stuck in the sea of traffic congestion. Many people fail to attend their office on time. The worst victims are the patients carried in the ambulances to the hospitals and clinics. Rickshaw-pullers, CNG, and taxi drivers also suffer a lot, because they lose their time moving very slowly towards their destination. The transportation of daily commodities gets delayed. Traffic congestion can be removed if some measures are taken sternly. Widening the streets, making flyovers at the main crossings, reducing the number of rickshaws, and above all growing public awareness are necessary for solving the problem of traffic congestion.
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