Now write a paragraph on A Village Market

Now write a paragraph on A Village Market.

A village the market is a buying and selling center for the villagers. Generally it is held by the side of a river or a canal or under a large banyan tree or by the side of a highway or on cross-road. There are two kinds of village markets. They are the daily market and weekly market. The daily market is called ‘Bazar’ and the weekly market is called ‘Hat’. The bazaar is held every morning but the hat is held once or twice a week. Fish, meat, milk, fruit, vegetables, and all other necessary things are sold in the village market. So, it a backbone of a village economy. Besides serving an economic purpose, the village market has great social importance also. It is a meeting place for the villager. Here they meet and greet their friends and relatives who also come to buy and sell their things. Thus they share and exchange their joys and sorrows and renew their contract.
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