Now write a paragraph on Information Technology

Now write a paragraph on Information Technology.

Information technology means the study or use of electronic equipment especially computers for storing and analyzing information. It is a wonderful invention of modern science. Besides computers, it also includes the telephone, television, the radio, wireless, email, fax, the internet, etc. being one of the important inventions of information technology television can not only send a message but also telecast live moving events, cinemas, dramas, music, dance, and many other entertaining programs. Another wonderful invention of modern science is wireless or the radio. It can send a message from one place to another with the aid of electric waves. By means of wireless, we can transmit information in a second from one corner of the world to another. On a radio set, we hear the voice of the speaker from one part of the world. The internet is a giant member of information technology. It is the source of news and information. There is no information but is available on the internet. Thus, the internet fulfills the demand of every individual. Various social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are rendering their services only by means of the internet. The bond of brotherhood and friendship is being built up among the world people keeping them in a global village with these social services. The present concept of globalization is completely void and nothing without information technology. So, information technology and globalization are independent of each other. But information technology is not free from demerits. Social and anti-social movement, hijacking, fraudulence, and many other crimes can take place for the misuse of information technology. So, all the world people irrespective of color and creed should be aware of the demerits of information technology.

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