Now write a paragraph on Traffic Police

Now write a paragraph on Traffic Police.

A Traffic Police is a govt. an employee whose duty is to control the systematic movement of the street vehicles and people. Some important islands are made in important crowded areas of a city. These islands are called traffic islands. Traffic police wearing his particular uniform stands on these islands and do his duties. He bears a stick in his hand and a whistle in his mouth. Generally the direct control the vehicles with his hands and sometimes with the stick. He always blows the whistle to control the rush. Traffic police do very tough duties. He is to work under the scorching sun, in the heavy rainfall, and even in a stormy situation. Traffic police look very smart with his uniform. But behind these smart uniforms thousands of tragedies are in his heart. He gets a poor salary. He is not able to maintain his family properly. Besides, they are to bear a very bad reputation of taking bribes from the drivers without a license. Then they are now and then scolded by their higher authorities. In spite of having all hazards they perform many humanitarian works like helping the old, disabled men or children to crossroads. Nowadays lady traffic police have been appointed. This is a very good step in the govt. In the actual sense of the term, traffic police are ineluctable for communication for our betterment.

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