Now write a paragraph on Launch Accidents

paragraph on Launch Accidents
paragraph on Launch Accidents

Now write a paragraph on Launch Accidents.

Launch Accidents are very common in our country. Every year thousands of people died by launch accidents in our country. There are many causes of launch accidents. Launches carry overloaded of passengers for earning more. It is one of the major causes of launch accidents. Some sailors are not experts in driving. Yet they are allowed to drive launch. In the launches, there are not sufficient lifeboats. For that, passengers can’t rescue themselves during accidents. The people of our country are not conscious of launch accidents. If they were alert, they wouldn’t be overloaded passengers. When an accident takes place, our daily newspapers and media highlight it seriously. Then the government gives assurance to take action against the persons who are responsible for the accident. After a few days, we do not see taking action anything about this. The government is not active enough to take action against them. The government should take active measures against it. Actually, launch accidents harm us greatly. That’s why we will have to have the mentality not to carry overloaded passengers. The drivers of the launches should be trained. We may start campaigning about launch accidents to raise public awareness. In fact, the government may take some pragmatic steps to prevent launch accidents with the help of the citizen. We should be more careful to protect the accident.

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