Paragraph On A Railway Station

It is known to us that a railway station is a place where trains stop and start from. Passengers get on the train and get down from the train there. It has a platform for passengers. In a big railway station, there is a shed over the platform but at a small station, it is open. A railway station has a booking office and waiting rooms for men and women. There are restaurants, bookstalls and stationary shops in it. A railway station is always a crowded place. Passengers come and go there. When the train arrives, the station becomes a noisy place. But when the train whistles away, it becomes calm and quiet. The hawkers shout vendors move, the porters walk to and fro and the beggars beg singing the religious chorus. The hawkers sell metal leaves, tea, water, bread, and cigarettes in a railway station. There is none who has not heard the cry ‘Cha Garam’ or ‘Thanda Pani’ in the railway station. Porters move with heavy loads on their heads. The pointsmen move with red and green flags. Thus with the noise of the crowd, the whistle of the trains, and the roar of engines, a railway station is a place of great noise. We should hear it in mind properly.
Paragraph On A Railway Station

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